Set Up Your Card-Linked Offer Program in Two Weeks Without Missing a Step


The Card-Linked Offers Checklist 

Are you interested in setting up card-linked offers, but don’t know where to start?

You’re not the first or last marketer to feel this way. There are so many digital marketing trends to keep track of, and there is too little time in the day to stumble through a learning phase.

That’s why we created the Card-Linked Offers Checklist - so busy marketers like you can set up their programs in two weeks, with no stress or missed steps.

If you’ve considered card-linked offers, download this checklist to learn exactly how quick, simple, and low-risk your new program can be.

Your checklist will walk you through:

  • Pre-campaign setup – including goal-setting, campaign timeframe, and anticipated communication protocol
  • Technical setup – including planning for locations, number of stores, and discounts
  • Ad setup - including required assets, recommendations for success, and needed copy