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Promote Your Business Across The Web

Simply choose your cash back offer, such as 10%, and your business will be automatically promoted on 100s of the best websites and apps. Customers pay you full price, and at the end of the month you pay the cash back and a small fee on the sales we deliver.

We Know You’re Busy, So We Made it All Automatic

You don’t need to install any equipment, software, or train your staff since there are no coupons, loyalty cards, or apps involved. Customers simply link their debit or credit cards when they see your offer and then buy from you like normal. Sales are all tracked behind the scenes.

Get New Customers and Increase Loyalty

Customers find your offer on the websites and apps that they use every day. These offers are effective at driving in new customers and getting existing customers coming back again and again.

Testimonials from Business Owners Like You

Thomas FathoPetrinos GreekI signed up because of the customer service. I loved that you came to my restaurant. I have stayed because I know it works and love watching the results every month, its like watching the stock market.

Steve MassisThe AtticNot only have I been able to increase revenue, but I am also seeing a spike in unique and returning guests. Mogl helped bring in new guests who keep coming back for more.

Jack WonkchindaThai BistroIt's a very user friendly application. They also have oustanding customer service. The agent was very helpful and kept me informed throughout the entire process.

Danny LunaQuizno'sI've seen an increase in customers and the amount of orders placed since customers want to get rewards. The bigger the transaction the better for us and them and I really like that it works out that way. I like the new customers/new faces. Customers like getting rewards so they don't mind paying large amounts.

Bob MorrisBangkok CafeWhen we go into our summer season in AZ it gets slow because of the heat, Mogl has given me the opportunity to get new guests in the door and fill the void during the slow months. It's great for seasonality and getting new people in the door.

JTHuapangosI have stayed with Mogl for 4 years because it brings me new customers and makes me more money.

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